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Hangzhou Kingin Glass Co., Ltd.

We are a leading manufacturer and trading company in the business of Vertical Glass Doors, Chest Freezer Glass Doors, Flat/Curved Insulated Glass, Flat/Curved/Special Shaped Low-E Tempered Glass, PVC Extrusion Profiles, and other Glass products for Commercial Refrigeration. With over ten years of experience in Commercial Refrigeration, we always focus on Quality, Prices, and Service. To keep serving our valuable clients with outstanding quality, we introduced advanced equipment, including Automatic Insulating Machines, Aluminum Laser Welding Machine, CNC, etc. We also keep employing employees with rich experience in this industry. Our technical team can even design new products according to the sketches from clients and output professional CAD or 3D drawings.


To better fulfill the orders, our state-of-the-art production and assembly facilities span over 5000 square meters. This investment has allowed us greater control over the manufacturing process and ensures that our products meet the highest quality standards. We can ship 2-3 40’’ FCL every week, with more than 15 new product launches yearly. The expansion in Hangzhou to attract outstanding talents for overseas business has allowed us to step into new markets and better serve our customers worldwide. Our expertise and deep experience ensure we deliver outstanding quality and value to our partners. Your success is always our vision.

Vision: To be a leader in customizable glass solutions for commercial refrigeration, focusing on innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Our Facility

Leading Glass Door Manufacturer

We have a team of highly skilled in this industry. Some of the skilled workers have more than ten years of experience. And we keep inviting experienced people to join our family. All of our skilled and experienced professionals are our fortune and quality guarantee.
We have a technical team with rich experience in this field. All the ideas, sketches, or drawings from our clients can be mature products. We can output standard drawings in CAD or 3D for clients’ confirmation, even our co-founder has an engineering background. We launch more than 15 cutting-edge designs yearly except for the OEM requirements.
Our skilled and experienced workers, professional technical teams, strict QC, and advanced automatic machines are all our quality guarantees. The essential thing should be our quality concept. We are constantly striving the areas for improvement and implementing new processes and procedures to enhance our quality.
Price & Service
Thanks to skilled and experienced workers, professional technical teams, advanced automatic machines, etc. These factors ensure our production efficiency with low defects. And thanks to our business concept, to deliver difference, innovation, service, and responsibility, but not limited to making us fortune. That’s why our prices and service are always outstanding to competitors.

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