Cake Display Showcase Sliding Glass Door

Product Description


Cake Display Showcase Sliding Glass Door is the perfect solution for pastry displaying and fresh-keeping. The Sliding Glass Doors are made of clean and durable double-glazing Low-E tempered glass to ensure the food inside is displayed optimally and long service life. The rear sliding doors are smooth to move and replaceable for easy maintenance.


The PVC Frame Cake Showcase Sliding Glass Door always comes with a standard design and is tailored to the client’s specific sizes, ensuring a seamless match with your refrigeration units. The Sliding Glass Doors are Double Layers ultra-clear toughened low-E glass filled with Argon Gas. Sliding Glass Doors with PVC Frame on the operator’s side, and the Sliding Glass Doors with rear below to slide smoothly. The sealing brush is also included to ensure a better sealing performance.

Product Detail




The Glass arrangement for the PVC Sliding Glass Door comes with 4mm Low-E Tempered Glass, 4mm Tempered Glass, or sometimes 3mm Tempered or float to pursue extreme cost-effectiveness. While our 2-pane ensures optimal temperature control for your showcase, and display, at the same time, the front-tempered and back-float glass is also a cost-effective solution. The Glass with Low-E is always best to eliminate moisture buildup on the glass surface.


The most significant advantage of our PVC frame sliding glass door should be the excellent quality with extreme cost-effectiveness. All the PVC frames come from our own PVC workshop to ensure a high standard of quality and cost under control. Thanks to our own 15+ PVC production line and our technical team, we can meet the versatile requirements of clients on PVC frames. Color can be chosen according to the client’s preferences; even we can design and produce the PVC frames according to the client’s sketch.


Our Showcase Double Sliding Glass Doors is an ideal refrigeration solution for bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, and other refrigeration applications.


Key Features


2-Pane for Normal Temp;

Low-E Glass

Sealing Brush to provide a tight seal

PVC/Aluminum Spacer filled with desiccant

PVC Frame structure can be customized.




Cake Showcase Sliding Glass Door


Tempered, Float, Low-E



Insert Gas

Argon Filled

Glass Thickness

4mm, 3.2mm, Customized




Mill finish aluminum, PVC


Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Customized


Bakeries, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, and other Refrigeration applications. 


EPE foam + Seaworthy wooden case (Plywood Carton)


OEM, ODM, etc.


1 Year